When Uncertainty Steals Your Peace

When Uncertainty Steals Your Peace

September 20, 2020 0 By Laura

As a self-proclaimed non-crier, I don’t get overcome with emotion easily.

But today was different. Today, things felt too heavy. I just needed to cry. I needed to let go of all the weight of my broken marriage, my hurting children, and my aching heart.

I powered through bedtime like supermom on a mission, and when I reached my room, the tears spilled out with unrelenting power as I pleaded with God yet again.

Please fix this.  

Please give me answers.

Please help me.

About 18 months before, my marriage of nearly 10 years abruptly ended. It still felt so fresh, and the cloud of uncertainty that I lived in stole my hope, my joy, and my peace.

I knew God was kind and I believed he would turn this into something good, but the lack of peace and hope was debilitating. I cried aloud to God that night, begging him to hear me and do something—anything—to provide me with some peace.

Oh, that word. Peace. It seemed unattainable that night, just as it has many other times. But as I desperately pleaded with God, I realized something new: I wanted my circumstances to be at peace. That’s what I was really asking for. I wanted things to be fixed and easy and good and right because it would make things better for me right now.

What I really should have been praying for was God’s peace. His perfect peace mentioned in Isaiah 26:3 and His peace that surpasses understanding from Philippians 4:7. The peace that Paul talked about in 2 Thessalonians 3:16: “Now may the Lord of peace himself give you his peace at all times and in every situation.”

Peace originated in the heart of God, and He offers His unexplainable peace at all times and in every situation; not just during good times or when he’s feeling generous. It transcends all things, including difficult circumstances. His peace is not based on me, my choices, or my life situation, and it’s certainly not based on my ability to pray it into existence or beg it into being.

His peace is always available, always free, and always incredible.

Circumstantial peace sounds nice, but it’s fleeting. It might come for a moment, but it quickly vanishes when life gets hard again. God’s peace, however, does not change with the ups and downs of life. God’s peace is reliable and always sets my soul at ease. It helps me look to Him rather than my struggle, and to see things outside of my own limited perspective and my own difficult circumstances.

That night, my situation didn’t change. Nothing was resolved, I had no tangible answers, and from the outside, things were exactly the same the next day.

But my heart changed. Now when I pray for peace, I ask for God’s peace, and I know it is readily available and easily accessible. It is certain. When we seek God and desire His peace, He is always faithful to provide it.