Look for the Glimmers of Hope

Look for the Glimmers of Hope

January 2, 2024 0 By Laura

I saw a post recently that talked about glimmers. They were described as the opposite of triggers. Instead of bringing you to a place of anxiety, stress, frustration, or pain, they are like a burst of hope, light, and encouragement. They come out of nowhere, just like triggers, but instead of driving you into desperation, they drive you toward hope, contentment, and peace. They burst forth as a light in the darkness, showing you that everything is going to be okay and that there is still good in this world. 

A few years ago, I walked through a separation and divorce while pregnant with my fourth child. To add insult to injury, the majority of my divorce also took place during the height of Covid. To say I felt attacks coming from all sides was an understatement. It was a season of extreme stress, as I was constantly overwhelmed, exhausted, and worried. It felt like everything was hard all the time and it would always be that way. I was sure that the season would never end and it wasn’t a season, but rather just how my life was going to be from then on. 

Praise the Lord, I’m far removed from that season now. Things are still difficult because life is difficult, but it’s not like it was. When I look back, I remember the hard things, the big feelings, and all of the overwhelm. But from this side of the trial, I also see so many glimmers. Some of them I saw in the midst of that time, but many I didn’t. 

I saw God’s provision when a card in my mailbox from a person I barely knew contained a check to help me cover my bills for the month. I saw His provision in a financial blessing that literally took my breath away and far exceeded my wildest expectations. 

I got encouragement from friends and family members that it wouldn’t always be this way. 

I saw rainbows that reminded me of God’s promises. 

I saw hope for my future when friends who had walked through similar experiences came to the light at the end of the tunnel. One friend made significant strides in a difficult custody battle. Another friend sold and bought a house, both of which she wasn’t sure were going to happen. Several other friends continued living their lives as rockstar moms–the average person would have no idea what these women had been through, but they came out of every trial with grace and dignity like you wouldn’t believe. I held onto their wins as if they were my own. I clung to their success and told myself that my time was coming–that it would be my turn soon enough. 

One glimmer after another reminded me to hang on to hope and to keep fighting the good fight. 

And wouldn’t you know it–most of the things I was praying for during that season have now come to pass. Not all of them, of course, but many of the big things have seen deliverance, and God’s blessings have been lavishly poured out time and time again. 

But here’s the thing about glimmers: they are everywhere. In every season, in both storms and calm seas, in heartbreak and overwhelming joy, in seasons of feeling stuck and seasons of feeling like you’re on top of the world–the glimmers are there. 

We don’t have to look for triggers because they simply pop up and command our attention. Glimmers are a little more inconspicuous, but I promise they are there. If you begin looking for them and calling them out and claiming them, you will see them. 

Just like when we start showing gratitude, we find more and more things to be thankful for. Just like when we start complaining, we find more and more things to complain about. Whatever we’re looking for, we’re sure to find it. 

Look for the glimmers, friend. No matter how dark the day feels and how long the season lasts, open your eyes and turn your head toward heaven and look for the glimmers. 

As we move into a new year, so many feelings can bombard us and make us feel overwhelmed or like we’re not enough. I could go on and on about the things I’m stressed about right now and the things that I desperately need God to move in, but until the breakthrough comes, I’ll continue to praise Him and search for the glimmers.