Laundry Night

Laundry Night

August 9, 2020 0 By Laura

There once was a woman who hated doing laundry. She would dread it and avoid it and complain about it constantly. She would delay starting it, put off folding it, and then circumvent putting it away. Been there, done that, right?

But one day, this woman came to a realization. She will always have to do laundry. Literally. From now until the end of time, she will never stop needing to do laundry. She will wear clothes daily, use towels regularly, and sleep in a bed with blankets on it. She will never stop having to do laundry, for as long as she lives.

And with that thought, she had another realization: she could either continue to complain about doing laundry and dread it every single day, or she could shift her attitude, decide to make it more enjoyable, and just embrace it for what it is.

Want to guess what she decided? That’s right, she decided to begrudgingly moan and complain about laundry for the rest of her days because that sounded like the most fun thing to do.

Just kidding. She made the wise choice and decided to just accept it for what it was and do her best to do it with joy.

If you haven’t already figured it out by now, this laundry-hating woman is me. I despised doing laundry for years. So much so that sometimes I just wouldn’t do it. I would wash it and dry it, but then I would just dump it into one big pile and everyone had to dig through it to find what they needed. But I really did have these realizations about laundry, and although it may sound silly, it really changed a lot in my life.

First, it made a recurring and never-ending chore far less miserable and actually slightly enjoyable. I am a big Type A personality and I decided to maximize my efficiency with laundry because a little more efficiency is good for the soul. I began washing and drying multiple loads throughout the week, whenever the basket in the laundry room was full. Then I would put the clean clothes in another laundry basket in a designated spot, and it remained there until dun dun dunnnnn… folding night. This marathon folding session takes place only one to two times a week so that I don’t feel like I’m constantly doing laundry, and I do my best to make it fun. I would turn on a television show, jam out to some music, or call a friend I wanted to catch up with. I also got a separate laundry basket for each of my four kids and would put them on the bed where I was folding. I folded their clothes and put them directly into their basket, streamlining the entire process, which was another level of fun for me and my Type A self. I would do these fun things as I mindlessly folded, and it got the job done while actually enjoying myself.

It didn’t take long before I began looking forward to laundry nights and would plan out my phone calls or music playlist or TV schedule long before the night began. I love having a clean house and organized clothes, and I love being happy and joyful, so this revelation-turned-action really brought a lot of good to my life.

It wasn’t long before I realized how much this laundry story related to the rest of my life. How often do I complain about things that I cannot control? I can’t make laundry stop existing any more than I can eliminate pain, suffering, struggles, or uncertainty from my life. I cannot change the way a person acts or the decisions they make, even when those things impact me. I cannot stop people from leaving or passing away, and I cannot stop hurt and heartache from entering my world.

All I can do in those situations is control myself. I can control my thoughts, my actions, and perhaps most importantly, my response to those things. My perspective is purely mine—no one can alter it and no one else has any say in it.

So although my laundry story is minor, it was a minor thing that really did transform a part of my life in a big way. How much more would my life be transformed if I stopped complaining and boohooing over all the things that I have to face that I can’t control? Maybe, like I did with the laundry, I can instead choose to embrace those things and make a decision to live in joy and make the most of every situation.