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I remember one of the first counseling sessions with a therapist that I saw during one of the toughest seasons of my marriage. She asked us a lot of questions and seemed much friendlier and more personable than any counselor I’d ever been to. Finally, toward the end of our time together, she asked if…

By Laura June 3, 2020 0

Cookie > Morsel

Today I received the biggest financial blessing of my life. Literally. I applied for a small business loan through the Paycheck Protection Program that was enacted because of the coronavirus pandemic. I figured it was worth a shot and I would have only lost a few hours of time if it never panned out. But…

By Laura May 9, 2020 0

Never Stop

We’re nearly a month into “social distancing” and I feel like I’m on the edge of losing my mind, though not in the way I expected. I thought my kids would drive me nuts, I’d be stressed about the virus, finances would worry me, and I’d be going stir crazy not leaving my house. But…

By Laura April 8, 2020 0